Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Brissie weather...

Being in the southern hemisphere makes this time of year winter for us Aussies. 
Most of you in the northern hemisphere probably experience extreme cold and snow where you live.  Not here in Brisbane, we might get down to 4 or 5 degrees C over night and then go up to 22 degrees C during the day, so we have very mild weather compared what you would go through.  Even though it is quite mild, us Brisbanites still believe it is freezing cold and we rug up for it and complain about how long it is going to be cold. (we do the same when it is hot :)).
So if you ever want to come and visit us in "low season" and save a little money on accomodation and tours Brisbane's winter is probably the best time to come.
Bushwalking in winter is the best time to avoid our little nasties like snakes (as they hibernate)and leeches because it is quite dry and they like it better in summer when it rains.  Winter is really the best time of year for hiking and bushwalking because you don't get too hot and can enjoy your walk in comfort.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

A little bit about my hometown…

Yes, yes the boring little factual bits about Brisbane… I promise it will be short and sweet as I am only really discovering these facts myself.

Brisbane is the 3rd most populated city in Australia coming after Sydney and Melbourne.  We have approx. 2 million people living in the Greater Brisbane area.  The Greater Brisbane area is 5904.8 sq Km. 

We have the Story Bridge, the Go Between Bridge, Victoria Bridge, the Goodwill Bridge, William Jolly Bridge and a few others that I just can’t remember that cross the Brisbane River.

The Brisbane River winds from the mouth at Moreton Bay all the way to the Brisbane Range east of Kingaroy (according to Wikipedia Smile).  It is dammed at Lake Wivenhoe and some other interesting places.

Here are just a few of my own facts about my hometown of Brisbane (they may change as I rediscover it):

1. public transport here is very different from other cities (particularly the cost).

2.  most people visit the cbd to either work, shop, drink, dance or walk along the river (I do all 5).

3.  some would say that Brisbane is a large country town not a city (I tend to agree Smile).

4.  people of Brisbane are Great!  Laid back and easy going at times when needed and busy and hard working at others.  (for example during the floods).

5.  the beach is in one direction and the bush is in the other, both not more than an hour away.


Ok this part is over and I can get onto the more interesting things about Brisbane in my next post, which may not be that far away.