Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Daily Photo…Saturday 24 Sept 2011


This is what your plate looks like after the food was so good that you ate it all faster than you could get the camera out to take a photo of it.Smile

Fantastic dinner at Lefkas Greek Restaurant, West End.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Last night of Brisbane Festival…

Last night I headed out to Southbank with my family to meet up with my in-laws to watch the laser light show.

At first our children were not too impressed to be missing out on watching their favourite show on tv.  But when they saw their cousins and got to eat dagwood dogs and hot chips they soon changed their minds.

The laser light show was produced by SANTOS as part of the Brisbane Festival that has been running from the 3rd-24th September.  The sky was lit up every hour from 7.30pm to 10 pm.



The sky was so clear and the weather was great for a night out on the Brisbane River.  Our vantage point was just in front of the Lyric Theatre and the Brisbane Wheel.


Here is a 2 minute video of the Light Show.

After seeing the light show the kids were pretty happy that they did not stay at home to watch tv.  They were very impressed by the way the lasers shot out from all of the buildings and displayed images on the water.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Daily Photo…


This is a pumpkin from our vegetable garden.  Not sure what I am going to do with it yet, but the last one was great roasted.

Any ideas?

Mt. Tamborine…

Now that it is Spring in Brisbane and the weather is being very kind at about 27 degrees C we are venturing out to see some of our surrounding areas.

Mt. Tamborine is about 30-45 minutes drive from Brisbane (depending on where you are).  From my house it takes about 25 minutes.  It is a favourite place for my family to visit and we have visited many times.  There are bush walking trails through the rainforest, winery and food tours, picnic spots, restaurants, boutique hotels and the skywalk. The latter being where we went, we being my mum, dad, my 2 children and I.

The Tamborine Rainforest skywalk costs:

Adult : $18.50

Child : $ 9.50

Family: $47.00

Seniors $15.50

We opted for a family ticket and a seniors ticket.

It is open everyday except Christmas Day and is open from 9.30-16.00.

The walk takes about 45 minutes.

P9180016 P9180019

P9180022 P9180044

There are some really great views from the skywalk. 

This post may be very humorous to many of you who know me well and know that I do not usually venture out into the “bush” and how you have heard me refuse to go bushwalking, but this walk was high in the trees and there was no need for sports shoes (but you really should wear flats).  I love that I can enjoy the prettiness of nature and not get my feet dirty Smile.

P9180064 P9180065 P9180066P9180071

This is also the best time of year to be doing any bushwalking as it is not too hot.  Don’t forget your sunscreen and sunglasses!

Where are you favourite bushwalks?

Spring for Brisbane etsy sellers…

This morning I woke to a wonderful Brisbane Spring morning ( and a day off from my job ).

My children are at home on school holidays and after making a request of French Toast for breakfast, I got stuck into some cleaning (as you do on your day off Smile).  When I had vacuumed, done 2 loads of washing and washed the floor, I decided it was time for lunch.  I was inspired by a can of tuna in “spring” water and made my version of a nicoise salad. (mine was less the potato, anchovies and beans).

mmm… yes it was nice.

After lunch I decided to see what my fellow Brisbane etsy handmadies were up to and I put together a Spring treasury. 

Here is a sample of some of them:

kimono reincarnate


Dash robin design

Don’t you just love the vibrant reds, blues and greens that have been used?  What fantastic colours for Spring in Brisbane!!!

Please feel free to leave comments on other great Brisbane designers and handmadies.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Spring has sprung with some hot and cold weather…

This week started off cold for Spring in Brisbane. The minimum was 7 degrees C and maximum today was 29 degrees C.  So we have been rugged up in winter woollies and beating the heat in shorts and t-shirts. 

The trees are getting their leaves back and the fruit is starting to grow.  We recently purchased lemon, lime and grapefruit trees for our backyard and they are flowering with their first fruits (small).

grapefruit flower lemon flowerkaffir flower

While at the hardware/garden store we purchased a birdhouse for the kids to put in the Jacaranda tree.

bird house in jacaranda

This time of year is great for thinking about heading outdoors to the parks, pools and beaches before it gets too hot and crowded.

This weekend my husband purchased a boat trailer after wanting one for many years he finally got a great deal and can pull his tinnie around himself.  This should keep him and the boys occupied during the Christmas holidays. Winking smile

Where do you go with your boat?