Saturday, August 27, 2011

The Sunstate Roller Girls vs Brisbane City Rollers…

Last night I had the privilege of helping out my friend Kellie Christie at the Roller Derby.  Kellie had a market stall displaying all of her wonderful and unique button and resin jewellery.



We arrived at the Beenleigh Sports Arena at about 3pm to be set up by 4pm, the derby started a few hours later.

After all the market stalls were set up and the girls were ready to start the bout we had some entertainment… (I apologise in advance…Sorry).


The apology is for my friend Amanda who probably had nightmares after the entertainment. hehe. Smile  It was a mixture of “let’s get physical”, FLASHDANCE and MANNEQUIN. Oh and I forgot Cher.

So let the bout begin…

Sunstate Roller Girls

P8270120 P8270160

Brisbane City Rollers

P8270122 P8270169

A short video of the roller derby…

to come…

The Sunstate Roller Girls defeated the Brisbane City Rollers 360 – 26.

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