Sunday, August 7, 2011

The way I see Brisbane…


When I walk around the city of Brisbane I find myself drawn to the architecture (Interior design background).  As you may have noticed in the photos, my eye and camera are drawn to one building in particular. 

That building is the Suncorp building and below it is the Brisbane City Council Library (what I call the coloured lego blocks).  The reason behind my obsession in the building??? Probably the fact that it is so square and has sharp straight lines.  Or the fact that it is shiny and black with little pops of colour.  It also has a great way of air conditioning, the pipes running down one side of it actually get water from the river and some how assist in the cooling process. As you can see I do not know the technical side of it. :-)

I would love to be able to go inside some of my favorite buildings in Brisbane to photograph the designer furnishings they have.  The Suncorp building has the most amazing modern furniture and furnishings…imagine being in SPACE furniture all day… it is just like that, but with a few less pieces.

Walking along the Brisbane River is really beautiful, especially in front of the GOMA building (Gallery of Modern Art).  And as you cross the Kurilpa Bridge you get a great view of the William Jolly Bridge. 

It is such a wonderful time of year to get out and about in Brisbane, enjoying the sun without the heat.


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